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ANAV Successfully Hosted a PCA Orientation Training – 22 July 2016

Tianshi Care Australia’s successfully hosted our PCA Orientation training within our Box Hill Training Hall on Friday, 22 July 2016. A group of 17 Personal Care Assistants attended this session and had the chance to further train them in the Aged Care Sector. 

Personal Care Assistants are a valuable part of our team and to benefit our staff’s future career as well as to provide professional care services to assist our clients in the health care sector, we regularly organise training opportunities for all staff members. The specialised training covers but is not limited to the following topics: Documentations, Elder Abuse, Job Duties and Responsibilities etc. 

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During the training session, our staff members were able to share their individual experiences within the Health Care Sector with each other. The session was very interactive with attendants asking questions and assisting each other with stories personal involvements in the workforce. The session was met with great feedback from all attendants. All attendants were satisfied with the increase knowledge and skills that they were able to take away from the session. It was another successful Continuing Professional Education session.